Asian WeddingPhotoshoot Campaign Management

10+ years in the Pakistani wedding industry, photoshoot collabs with quality brands and vendors. In house stylist.

Asian Bridal Campaign Managed by Shaadiga

10+ Years in the Pakstani Wedding Industry

Our team has tons of experience in the Asian wedding industry including:

  • Photoshoot campaigns for top brands
  • Wedding planning service
  • Wedding events featured on TV

Meet the Team

Asiya Hussain: Creative Director

Our team has a wealth of marketing experience particularly in the Asian Wedding industry. Having run many campaigns for leading brands, we knows what it takes to bring a team together with complimentary styles. We work closely with all vendors to make sure the campaign runs smoothly and to ensure the overall desired look is achieved.

Pakistani Wedding Marketing and Social Media Management

Whether you're looking for a one off campaign or regular campaign management, we can support you. We have a variety of packages to offer, from packages suitable for startups as well as those for big brands who want to use premium suppliers, models and settings.

We also have add ons if you want to give your campaign a bigger push where we arrange blog posts with renowned bloggers in the Pakistani fashion and wedding industry.

What's We Do

What we can do for you:

  • Create unique looks from head to toe
  • Pick outfits, shoes and accessories
  • Coordinate with photographers, models and hair and makeup artists for specific projects
  • Research and recommend locations for each photoshoot
  • Prepare photoshoot areas using appropriate props
  • Adjust lighting, angle and model position to present each outfit in the best way
  • Ensure that the final result is within quality standards and aligns with the scope of the project
  • Return all borrowed items in a good condition

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